Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Afternoon with the 1500's so get ready for some Tudor styles!

I wish I had more images of real garments from this time but sadly you only find a few sigh but despite this I still have some so yay me, and now to impart some of these glories images of real garments and paintings of ladies from back then to you :) And I hope you all enjoy this :)

This beautiful lady is Anne Boleyn the ill fated wife of Henry the 8th that ass hole, and no I wont be polite to him or his memory, but let m e not get off on a rant about him, this lovely lady is all decked out in wonderful black velvet with fur trim and real pearls as they did not use fake jewels back then it was the real thing, her black velvet head gear with matching pearls is awesome she also wears many pearl necklaces and even one that has her own initial on it, this painting was painted in 1530 and she looks all so grand :)

Wonderful white cotton stays from around 1530-75 these are in great condition despite the most certain constant wear you know.

Wonderful beautiful green silk brocade gown which was made in Austria its is more in the older styles of the past then the 1520's style of which it was made but despite all of this I think its a grand and gorgeous dress and yep you guessed it I want it :)

Highly embroidery shifts some of these might have the top part peek out in the dresses to show the wonderful embroidery, these lovely shifts are from 1550-80.

I hope you all enjoyed this short but fun post :)

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