Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wonderful 1770’s ah what a gown :)

You have to love this American made 1770’s dress god its just gorgeous! :)

close up on the brocade





1760\'s dress
Now sadly this great gown is missing its stomacher sigh but the good thing is everything else is there so yay, I really love this floral cream colored silk brocade and the lovely green colored silk quilted skirt this gown is just great and who ever the seamstress was really new how to sew well, now to add a bit of history, most women got there fashions from “Fashion Dolls” It was a way to show women exactly how the fabric would drape and look, now don’t get me wrong there where fashion prints back then but sometimes it was easier to send the dolls to dressmakers shops, and then ladies could see the lovely fashion.