Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ah two dresses for Tuesday :)

Thought I would post two lovely dresses for today, my first one is a incredible dress with wonderful embroidery, also love how it laces up in the front, THE DRESS IS FROM AROUND 1855-58 and is a great example of the time and is in great condition.

1850\'s 60\'s dress

Close up on the lace
Close up of embroidery.

Matching shawl.

This next dress is from 1774-77 a wonderful stripped silk with lovely flowers, everything about this dress is grand and lovely, and it is in great condition too althought it has been relined and there is nothing wrong with a garment relined most of the time that is the first thing to go on a gown.

Full veiw of french dress 1770\'s

French dress from 1770\'s

Close up of french 1770\'s dress

1770\'s dress back of it

inside of french 1770\'s dress

sleves of the french 1770\'s dress

side of 1770\'s french dress

Back of french 1770\'s dress full pic
And as always more to come :)

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