Friday, December 3, 2010

My fund raiser for my meds....Please look????

I am starting a fund raiser for me, not cause I m greedy or anything like that, but I am brook and I have no money and I can't afford my medicine which is now ruining more than 900 bucks a month which is a lot, I have no insurance my Drs are payed by “Methodist Hospital” where I have the charity care there, but my condition has gotten a lot worse this year and so now I need help, I have tried to get SSI as I am disabled but well we all know how the government is, they could care less if you live or die, I have been working since I was 15 years old and the only reason I stopped is I had gotten so ill from all my blood clots that I could not work anymore I have letters from my Drs stating I am disabled and have been denied by SSI twice I am now trying again to get help! I am literally at my wits end, with no money no hope and my medicine literally costs an arm and a leg, this is very hard for me to ask for help for myself...I guess you can say its my self pride, but I have sold a lot already to pay for my medicine and have pawned everything except for what I wear right now...I m just begging all of you to please help me, I hate to do this but have really no other choice, but to ask you all to please help me? Even if its a little like a few bucks, it all adds up and of course if you can give more that would be great too, I wouldn't be asking if I was not desperate for help, so thats why I am dong this, I have to set my pride aside and admit I m terminal I am in consent pain I can not work I can barely walk and I desperately need all of your help and like I said even if you can give a little its better than nothing, I am using my fiance's paypal for this my medicine fund so I beg of you all please help me so I can by the medicine I need to stay alive and to not hurt...Thank you.
Sincerely Wilhelmina.

I am having problems with my paypal donate button so I am pasting a link to my website so you can donate, thank you again.

Wilhelmina's fund raiser for medicine



  1. Hi Wilhelmina It's really sad to hear. I would like to donate some money but your link have problems...
    And i really LOVE your blog it's one of my favourite blogs.

  2. Thank you sooo much :) I m really glad you like my blog...And are you clicking on the picture? Or the donate button? Cause the picture doesnt work but the donate button does.