Sunday, February 28, 2010

My list of must have fashion books!

I am making a small list of my favourite fashion books the ones that no one can live without! Turly these are great books full of gorgues pictures and wonderful information.

My first book to list is actual my first fashion book i ever recived, my father bought it for me at the mall bookstore back in 1988 I was 9 and thrilled I had loved fashion and fashion themed papper dolls and dolls that where either antique or had old fashioned clothing, and my dad knew how much i liked it, and bought me this book " The Opulent era" It is a true jewl, and deals with all the great designers of the time like Worth/Doucet and Pingat, it is truly one of my all time favourites and i love it dearly.

My second favourite book is "Revolution in Fashion" If you love the 1700's and early Empire/Regancy fashion it is a must buy, great images of real garments and paintings from the time and full of every fact from stays to brocade gowns, it is and will always be one of my favourites..

Another must have is a older book from 1966 "20,000 years of fashion" but even despite its age its a gold mine! And very good.

My next book for today is "Dangerous liaisons" A short book but so filled with wonderful garments from the 1700's it is worth it, what can i say its a beauty.
Now don't get me wrong there are more great fashion books out there, i am just posting a few, for now at least :)

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