Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ah 1880’s and a wonderful court/wedding gown :)

Wonderful cream colored satin with lots of lace and hand cut glass beads God this dress is gorgeous it is the kind of dress where you are just wow oh wow, and it would have been a wow dress back in the 1880’s too.
late 1870\'s 80\'s court dress


side of the dress


God have I said how much I want this dress, sigh, I did try and get it but was out bid :( sigh, but hey at least I have the photos and I can share them with all of you, cause hey if its one thing we all know and that’s great clothes and how to look fab :) But now back to this dress, everything about this early 1880’s dress is just grand and it would have been used as a court gown or a wedding gown or both, as many brides would reuse they wonderful special gown, which I have to admit I like that trend! :) I think once I finally get hitched to my fiancé I m going to do the same damn thing ie reuse my grand gown, and this dress would so be a “I do” to the dress, I would love to get married in a dress just like this, I mean how perfect its got everything one wants a bustle a train lace and beads yay! And this gown is just grand from 1880-83.

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